Dillon’s Testimony

I have battled with alcoholism for most of my life (I started getting drunk from the age of 12) .I have given up in my own will power a few times once for 4 years, once for 6 months and once for a year.
I came to realize I had a problem when I stopped drinking for the 4 year stint. I stopped drinking to support someone very close to me, who admitted he had a serious drinking problem and had to stop drinking. I offered to stop drinking with him, to help support him, so he was not on his own. My drinking friends were not happy and kept asking how long, I said just 1 year. They all told me that if I could stop for a year, I would most likely stop forever, which they feared. After 6 months into stopping to drink, I realized I had a problem myself with alcoholism and while I was not drinking, my family life, private life and business life was far better. So I started to admit I was an alcoholic (even though I only drank on weekends). This upset my friends and family and I said that I was not going to drink, for longer than a year . After 4 years when my life was back on track and I thought had things under control. I thought, I could manage my drinking and started to drink again.
At first it was fine, I controlled myself and limited myself to not get paralytic. After a while that all flew out the window and all my old behavior came back.
I kept praying to God for a sign and he kept sending them and I kept saying just send me one more sign. You see I was not ready to give up.
When I made the decision to give up finally, my pastor heard Margaret Whitaker of Whitaker Foundation, talk on the radio and he gave me her contact details.
Before I contacted Margaret I have read and recently heard on the radio that 90% of people that stop any addiction out own will power ,return to it and that you have far better chance by getting help to stop. Also round about the same time I heard them speak on the radio about bullying which happened to me at school, physically) and how it affects people for the rest of their lives: Which explains why I got so aggressive and fought when very drunk.
So I contacted Margaret and she counseled and helped me over the telephone and one face to face visit as I could not afford to go 500km so often.
Margaret taught me a lot about myself and my subconscious mind and why I abused alcohol and why I behaved the way I did when drunk. She also explained how alcohol affected the brain and body in the different stages. The bang, she asked me when I have swallowed my food , have I got any control over my digestive system. I said no. She then asked me the big question I remember every day of my life.
When you swallow alcohol, what makes you think you can control it and its effects it has on you. So I realized then and there , this has to be a life choice. I don’t say I will never drink again, but I can tell you I am 1 year sober and not had a drink today. I made notes about what I learned about myself and what Margaret taught me in a diary. When I feel the need to drink or start missing it, I go this diary and read it all over and my will to stay sober is
strengthened again. Margaret really knows what she is doing and really has good results. I am living proof.
I use what Margaret has taught me to help many other people. She is really amazing and God sent to us.


RE: Testimonial to my Recovery from Alcohol Abuse

I am so grateful that Margaret Whitaker came into my life at a time when I was in great need of help.  I had hit rock bottom through my drinking problem and was about to lose everything.
By attending regular session with Margaret she was able to impart her knowledge, experience and wisdom to help me see and understand what was happening to me through my thoughts, actions and choices.
The modalities that Margaret works with are Emotion Awareness and How do we change.  These techniques helped me to identify with my problems, taking me to the root cause; making it easier for me to identify and accept my problems enabling me to make the necessary changes to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
I realised that I needed to take responsibility to make these necessary changes wanting to be the Sober John and not John the alcoholic.
Emotion Awareness is fundamental to everyone and should be mandatory in schools so the world can be a better place.
Thanks to Margaret I am back on track, choosing to live a sober lifestyle.

Yours sincerely

Gillian’s testimony  -  this is about a chocolate addiction

Dear Margaret

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your course  “WHY DIETS DON’T WORK”
Since taking the course just a short week ago I have had a complete shift in my approach to feed and eating.   I found the program informative with so much that is contrary to popular weight loss and diet theories yet makes a great deal more sense.
I am now more aware of my body, my emotions and pay closer attention to signals previously always interpreter as hunger.   Even more exciting for me is how chocolate (previously my no. 1 enemy and uncontrollable craving) seems largely uninteresting at present.   Not only have I had a huge box of Easter Eggs in the house which I have not touched or indeed wanted to, but when opening a chocolate yesterday I was quite happy to have only a couple of pieces rather than the entire slab.  Very unlike me as anyone who knows me will attest to.
With the useful tools you have provided and with a better understanding of why I was overeating I feel well prepares to continue on this path of setting the slim me free!
I would highly recommend it to anyone who has issues with food, trouble losing weight and battles with cravings that result in overwhelming feelings of guilt when given in to.  Start living life like the thin person you are.         
Knowledge is power



I have been uplifted and motivated to knowing my-self better and to continue doing changes to better
It has been an interesting workshop.  I feel guided and focused, as to improving certain areas of my life.   I could relate to almost ever thing that was taught and more – this has been an eye opener to deal with certain problems from here on.  Thank you very much for everything.




Thank you for another workshop.
I enjoyed rebuilding my knowledge on the subject of emotional awareness.



The workshop was great.  Learning more about myself.
Good experience.