Our Purpose

To facilitate much needed research and finding more effective solutions.

This we feel, is the most important part of the program because the more knowledge we have the more we will achieve.
We as adults need to take responsibility for, and sort out this problem of alcohol and drug addiction affecting our and our lives.(See the newsletter page) Instead, what we do now is criminalize them when they become caught in the trap by making wrong decisions, which is what people do when they are not informed and educated.  This is wrong, and our aim is to change this way of doing things.

To Provide

A twenty four hour drop-in centre  to provide families and friends as well as those already addicted with assistance and education about their addictions such as: “What is an addiction and why can’t they say “NO”: As well as information about; why addicts behave in the way that they do; even though they are hurting themselves and so many others around them.  More importantly assistance with how to deal with and overcome their addiction.

An in-house care centre that will consist of a Withdrawal and Detox centre from where the addict will be referred either to a rehabilitation centre, or if they are able, will be assisted in further recovery at the drop-in centre where they will take part in group and life skill programs. Once this has been successful they will be assisted with skills training to help them enter the job market either as an employee or as an entrepreneur


WHAT IS EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT IS:  To create an awareness on .the same scale as that of Cancer and HIV/aids.   It is essential that education and awareness programs are put in place as well as dealing with the stigma that drives the problem underground: Causing families and those who have a problem, to live with the fear of rejection and scorn along with the fear of losing a job or being denied medical treatment.

What we have been doing isn't working so now it is time to do something different.