1.  How many road and pedestrian accidents are caused by the use of alcohol and or drugs?


       The Automobile Association in South Africa states that R140 Billion Rand is lost every year, R1.3 Billion lost during      the festive season 2011 alone.

       When asked “How much of this is caused by the use of Alcohol and/or drugs.”  They say “70%”

       This relates to  R98.000.000.000.

                          What  happens to the driver or pedestrian if they are addicts?

 2.  How many cases of abuse of both women and children are caused by the use of alcohol and or drugs?

               How much money is being spent in helping abused women and children? Last year it was R26.4 BILLION.

               How many of these cases are caused by someone using alcohol and/or drugs? Again 75% = R19.800.000.000.

                                       What about the abuser if he/she is an addict?


 3.  What about school children in or out of school?

·       How many children are living on the streets because of alcohol and or drug abuse at home?

·       How many school children under the age of 18 are using either alcohol and or drugs?

·      How many children are dropping out of school because they are using alcohol and or drugs? 

·       How much poverty is there in homes not because of the economy but because the money earned is

         being spent on alcohol and or drugs?


  What happens to those responsible for this if they are addicts? and what are we doing about educating both the parents and children about abuse and addictions?


4.     How many divorces are as a result of some member of the family using alcohol and or drugs?

      What are the consequences for children and other members of the family?


  What happens to the addict? and why are we not educating to prevent instead of trying to deal with the pain during and after the divorce?


5.      How many people are in jail because of alcohol and or drug related crimes? 

      What does this cost the state for each person over a period of one day, one month, one year? 

      In South Africa R250. per day.  Per year R91.250.   1000 addicts for 1 year— R91.250.000

      How many addicts are in jail?  What percentage of those caught driving over the legal limit are addicts?  They are      arrested and either given a fine or a jail sentence.  Those who are given a fine will pay their money and be released;  but what about their addiction? It is still there.   Those who go to jail will do their time, be released go home with    their addiction still intact.  The organizations trying to deal with this problem are underfunded and cannot cope. Also  what happens to those who don't go to jail?


       It has been acknowledged by many doctors and psychologists that alcoholism is a disease physically and mentally:       But when the symptoms manifest (page 1 item 1—10 then we label them as criminals even our children.

       We give them as criminal record for life because we as adults cannot control what is wrong.

   This is wrong.   There has to be another way.


 6.    How many man hours are lost in the economy per year due to alcohol and drug abuse?

        Reported in the Herald.  R20 Billion in one year.

        What do we do? 

       Fire them and send them into the ever increasing pool of unemployables, or do we send them into rehabs with most giving a 23% chance of recovery?


 7.     How many cases of AIDS are the side effects of drug abuse i.e. dirty needles and unprotected sex? Do we even know   the figures for this?

What happens to those who are addicts?


8.   How much money is spent every year on those looking for treatment for addictions to prescription drugs        privately and by medical aids? 

9.    What about fetal Alcohol syndrome?   How can we justify not being a part of the change to prevention.

        Do these children not have a right to a normal life?





1.     How much money is spent every year on alcohol and drugs including prescriptions?

2.     What was the turnover of the South African Breweries last year?

3.     What was the turnover of the Wine industry last year?  What was the turnover of the Producers of Brandy Whisky       and other liquors last year?

4.     What was the turnover of the total number of bottle stores in S.A. last year?

5.     What was the turnover of the Shebeens and Taverns last year?


      Marijuana alone is estimated at R36 Billion.  This figure was quoted from an article in the P.E. Herald by Biochemist         Twiggs Xipliu.

7.     How much tax (vat) did the government receive this year?

8.    How much of this money is spent every year by those who abuse alcohol and those addicted to drugs including                prescriptions?

                                            What happens to the profits made from this?

       It goes back into the economy to purchase new cars, furniture, clothing cell phones and all of the other items bought   by the merchants of beer, liquor and wine industries, and shabeens not to mention bars and restaurants.  This           money   runs into Billions of rand  every year and every part of the economy is bennefitting.


       We spend millions of Rand treating the symptoms. 

       How much do we spend on the cause?

      Of the 1 - 8 items noted above approximately 70% of each one is caused by alcohol and drug abuse.

      How much are we putting back into dealing with the problem?  Many people say put them in jail and throw away the  key.   We don't have to they are already in their own prison.

      We are told it is alcohol and drugs that are the cause of the problem.   NO this is incorrect

       It is people themselves who have a problem and they use alcohol and or drugs as a way of dealing with it.


   We as adults need to take responsibility for, and sort out this problem of alcohol and drug addiction affecting adults and children.  Instead what we do now is criminalize them when they become caught in the trap, by making wrong choices; which is what  people do when they make those choices without the knowledge needed to make the choices and the changes  that make the difference.


There are a large number of dedicated groups both private and in government as well as police who are working hard for change:  But more is needed in the form of research, assistance and education.  What we are doing now is not working so now it is time to do things differently. 

How much money is spent every year on Cancer research?

Because of this; How many lives are being saved?

How much money do we put into research and treatment of Alcohol and drug addiction.

How many people die, families torn apart and lives destroyed by addictions? 

Look at items 1 - 8.

What we are doing now is treating the symptoms as in abused women and children, street children, those in jails.   What happens to the parents of the street children who themselves may be addicts?

The solution at this time is “Put them in jail and throw away the key”

Many people believe they don’t deserve help because they choose to do it.


MANY ADDICTS MAKE A CHOICE TO STOP: But what happens after that?

The A.A. stated that here in one of their branches in Port Elizabeth they have approximately 15 new people come in every month; but only 2 come back.  When asked why, I was told it was because they were not ready to stop.   My belief is that they were not able to get through the withdrawal period without help and are lost to the next drink.

We need to do much more to make help available for those who want to try to change their lives but cannot do it without assistance.


To do this we need research, more information and more knowledge, and the financial support to do this.