Make a Contribution

We are totally dependent on donations.

Here in South Africa there are so many people who will never get the help they need, without contributions from someone just like you.

To enable us to fulfill our purpose, we need funding to pay for a large enough premises and monthly expenses for a drop-in centre and equally large premises for an in-house withdrawal and detox centre. Added to this we will need funding for Research without which we will just carry on doing what we have always done and nothing will change.

This is a request to all those ex addicts, those still active and those who have families and friends trapped by an addiction. As well as big businesses, all of who are affected in one way or another: Or anyone who might be motivated to help make the difference not only for this generation but for the next  - Our children and their children still to come.

It is of the utmost importance that more research is done and this can be very expensive.  The success rate of rehabilitating addicts is too low approximately 23%;  (in some centre's even less) We need more information and more ways to fill the gaps of what happens from the time someone makes a decision to stop and getting help; as well as support for those who leave the rehab and come back to re-adjust to society again:  Often with no friends, (the friends they did have will still be drugging and drinking), no job and no way to relieve the boredom which is the addicts worst enemy.  Some do not even have family to support them.

We need your donations

No matter how small or large.  Every cent will make a difference to someone desperate to escape the clutches of their addiction but cannot do it on their own.  Help us to help them to take their lives back.