Alcohol & Drugs Research, Drop-In and Recovery Centre

Do you have someone in your family, or maybe a friend with AN ADDICTION TO EITHER ALCOHOL OR DRUGS?
Find answers on this website.

We at Whitaker Foundation believe that the answer to this problem of Alcohol and Drug Abuse is bigger than the solutions we have today.  We intend creating awareness of Alcohol and Drug addiction through awareness campaigns and education on the same level as Cancer and HIV/Aids. To do more research. To see that the alcoholic and drug addict is treated with the same understanding and given the assistance they need to overcome their addiction. With that, relieve the pain of those living with it on a daily basis.

The first step will be a drop in centre, open from 7.30am to 9.00pm where those who need assistance, addicts as well as their families, can come and will have access to free workshops and talks, as well as have a place to meet and spend time with others, giving and getting encouragement in their transition to a new life. This premises will also serve as Head Office for staff to implement our plans for change.
                                                           It is only by treating the cause we can prevent the symptoms.